Monitor Your Home Energy Usage with Blockchain-Based SunContract

Posted by SunContract on 18-Mar-2019 09:02:33

 Majority of homeowners who invest in solar power plants aim to either lower their energy costs or reduce their carbon footprint.

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Let's Talk Non-Renewables... Is There Really a Case for Renewable Energy?

Posted by SunContract on 27-Feb-2019 16:26:51

We’ve all paid a utility bill or purchased gasoline. Those numbers on our bills represent the direct cost of fossil fuels; money paid out of pocket for energy from coal, natural gas, and oil. But those expenses don’t reflect the total cost of fossil fuels to each of us individually, or collectively as a society.

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Global Outlook for Renewable Energy Investments

Posted by SunContract on 19-Feb-2019 19:40:55

Renewable energy will march forward this year, due to “remorseless reductions in the costs of solar and wind electricity and of lithium-ion batteries,” Angus McCrone, the chief editor of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) wrote in a commentary.  

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Five Benefits of Renewables that every Business Should Consider

Posted by SunContract on 11-Feb-2019 07:03:34

As momentum builds for cities around the world to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources, the number of households reported to be predominantly powered by clean energy has more than doubled since 2015. 

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