What happens to Solar Plants after their Lifespan?

Posted by SunContract on 17-Dec-2020 06:00:00

There is an abundance of items that get better with age. For example: wines, cheeses, cast iron skillets, high-quality leather, and 401Ks. However, this isn’t the case with a lot of equipment you invest in. Whether it’s a car, tractor, or solar power plants, most of these have a finite useful life.

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9 Summer Tips for a Lower Energy Bill

Posted by SunContract on 04-Aug-2020 05:01:38

By a great deal, the largest portion of your energy bill comes from your home’s heating and cooling system. With ACs running all day during the summer, energy customers can expect to receive some of their highest energy bills of the year between June and September.  

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Monitoring your Energy Use with SunContract

Posted by SunContract on 12-Jun-2020 04:33:14

We track calories, footsteps, miles per gallon, and even our mobile devices nowadays can be tracked, so why not track our energy use? At SunContract, we believe that people should have readily available data regarding their energy use, and for this reason we provide an energy monitoring system on our platform.

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Benefits of an Energy Marketplace

Posted by SunContract on 05-May-2020 10:32:38

Energy providers around the globe are being forced to operate in a whole new world today. Everything and everyone is increasingly connected and energy customers are embracing innovative technologies and taking on new roles as both buyers and sellers of energy.

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Blockchain Redefines Energy & Digital Trust

Posted by SunContract on 31-Jan-2020 12:59:04

The emergence of blockchain technology in 2008 significantly revolutionised the payment system in the financial sector. And as time went by, more and more industries began to realise that they too could reap the benefits of this technology. One of these industries, was energy.

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Topics: CleanTech, Blockchain, Tech, Digitization, Energy, P2P energy trading

Rationale for Green Growth in Energy

Posted by SunContract on 03-Jan-2020 11:25:52

Energy is an indispensable input to economic activity. Let’s take one second to consider the Industrial Revolution… Harnessing energy sources to replace manual and animal labour was the platform of the industrial revolution, which turned out to be a period of unparalleled economic and social development.

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The Evolution of Consumer Behaviour in Energy

Posted by SunContract on 19-Dec-2019 14:33:22

It is evident that today’s consumers, in any sector, have little or nothing in common with the consumers of twenty or twenty-five years ago.

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Energy Sector Joins the Sharing-Economy

Posted by SunContract on 08-Nov-2019 20:25:33

Technology has radically changed almost every major industry as consumers take control and turn the world into a sharing economy. Airbnb has allowed homeowners to compete against major hotel chains; online booking sites like Expedia have eliminated the need for travel agents; Uber has turned the taxi industry on its head. In each case, existing companies in the space have had to adapt their business models or face extinction.

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5 Simple Ways to Become More Sustainable

Posted by SunContract on 01-Oct-2019 10:29:13

The World Economic Forum’s third annual Sustainable Development Impact Summit opened in New York City with an affirmation that the world has the science, data, know-how and public awareness to solve the challenge of climate change – what is needed now is intensified collaboration and communication to implement and scale solutions.

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Topics: Renewbales, CleanTech, Sustainability, Energy, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Impact Summit

7 Reasons Why People are Going Solar

Posted by SunContract on 03-Sep-2019 17:22:41

Many people are becoming aware that installing solar is a great energy efficiency upgrade for their homes, and they are eager to contribute towards a cleaner environment, all while improving the value of their property.

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